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Heroism Science is an emerging multiple disciplinary innovative field of academic study. It seeks to reconceptualise heroism and reinvigorate its relevance in the 21st century by using a broad range of epistemological and methodological frameworks. Its study spans fields as diverse as social psychology, philosophy, digital humanities, creative arts, nursing, law and public policy, semiotics, neuroscience, leadership, organizational management, religion and spirituality, positive psychology, ethics and morality, political science, sociology, counselling, education, developmental psychology, evolutionary biology and more. It is a rapidly expanding field that seeks to promote an advanced understanding of the human condition and well-being across all facets of the human experience. Heroism science researchers are at the forefront of developing creative, sustainable and applied solutions to pressing social issues in an increasingly complex 21st century landscape.

This website is aimed at being a resource for researchers, students, heroism activists, educators, professionals and everyday people interested in learning more about this innovative field, and re-discovering the endurance and widespread presence of the timeless phenomenon of heroism. It wishes to make accessible to the broader public the latest discoveries and discussions around heroism and its intersection with other optimal behaviours, and showcase the wide range of contexts in which heroism may manifest. In particular, the website advocates and promotes greater collaboration between the study of heroism and ‘hard’ science as a relatively unexplored avenue of research, as well as interaction between a wide range of disciplines, no matter how disparate. Greater informed debate and education within and between disciplines, especially the humanities and sciences, is the pathway to creative solutions that positively impact individuals and communities.

Olivia Efthimiou, 28 March 2015

10%: What Makes a Hero? Short Trailer. Dr Philip Zimbardo talks about the importance of research and community action in building heroic communities.

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