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Guidelines for Contributing Authors

Heroism Today


Heroism Today is a blog commentary which aims to highlight innovative efforts to promote heroism education, activism and engagement with heroic behaviour in 21st century societies, and personal accounts that demonstrate and inspire resilient and heroic behaviour. Contributions from non-Western communities, laypersons with quality contributions, and educators are especially welcome.

Guidelines for contributors

Interested contributors please send:

  1. A 1,000 to 2,000 word (or 2-3 pages) description of your method of promoting heroic behaviour in your community, or an autobiographical account of your personal “hero’s journey”, and what your broader vision for heroism and heroic action is for the 21st century. Shorter commentaries of approx. 500 words (or 1 page) may also be considered.
  2. Posts should reference existing literature, current affairs, news articles, popular culture (e.g. films, gaming, music), or other material demonstrating the impact and presence of heroism.
  3. Authors are encouraged to consider how emerging heroism science research can enhance their community work, and inform their activism philosophies and concept of heroism.
  4. One or more images and/or video relevant to the content of your post (optional) that is either free-use, public domain, or contains the proper legal attribution to its source, available here.
  5. A short biography of up to 100 words and contact email (optional) to accompany your piece.

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