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Editorial Board


Olivia Efthimiou, Murdoch University, Australia

Associate Editor

Scott T. Allison, University of Richmond, US

Editorial Board

Pat Barclay, University of Guelph, Canada

James Beggan, University of Louisville, US

Dawn Bennett, Curtin University, Australia

Peter Bray, University of Auckland, NZ

Daniela Cavallaro, University of Auckland, NZ

Kendall Cotton Bronk, Claremont Graduate University, US

Zeno Franco, Medical College of Wisconsin, US

George Goethals, University of Richmond, US

Anna Halmburger, The University of Koblenz – Landau, Germany

Eric Igou, University of Limerick, Ireland

Stephanie Jones, New York University, US

Elaine Kinsella, Mary Immaculate College, Ireland

Dana Klisanin, Ubiquity University, US

Ari Kohen, University of Nebraska—Lincoln, US

Travis Langley, Henderson State University, US

Peter le Breton, Murdoch University, Australia

Stephanie Preston, University of Michigan, US

David Rand, Yale University, US

Ingrid Richardson, Murdoch University, Australia

Timothy Ritchie, Saint Xavier University, US

Hannes Rusch, VU University, Amsterdam

Graham Seal, Curtin University, Australia

Bryan Smyth, University of Mississippi, US

Joseph Vandello, University of South Florida, US

Larry Walker, The University of British Columbia, Canada


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