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Guidelines for Contributing Authors

Heroism Science: An Interdisciplinary Journal    ISSN 2573-7120


Heroism Science is a peer-refereed open source research journal which aims to promote global connections in heroism science theory, research and application, and the appreciation of heroism from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, to researchers and the broader community. Contributions from scientists, researchers from cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary fields, students, and non-Western perspectives are especially welcome.

Guidelines for contributors

Manuscripts submitted to the journal will undergo a double-blind peer review process. The estimated time of completion of the review process is 8-10 weeks.

Research submitted must be original and not currently under consideration for publication by another journal.

Interested contributors please send the below to heroismscience@gmail.com:

  1. A critical analysis or write-up of empirical research studies of 5,000-7,000 words (including references) on a particular aspect of heroism, heroic leadership, the hero’s journey, or the field of heroism science. Shorter papers (minimum 3,000 words) and longer papers (maximum 10,000 words) may also be considered.
  2. An abstract of up to 200 words to accompany your article.
  3. Up to 10 keywords relating to the content of your article.
  4. A complete reference list of references at the end of your article. Please use APA referencing style or Chicago referencing style.
  5. Any personal citations and references identifying the author(s), and all author information must be removed from the manuscript. In-text citations to personal work must be replaced with the text: [name deleted to maintain the integrity of the review process].
  6. Formatting: Times New Roman 12pt, double-spaced.
  7. The language should be written in a non-technical manner to be accessible to a non-specialist audience and non-researchers.
  8. Articles should reference existing research, current affairs, news articles, popular culture (e.g. films, gaming, music) or other material as appropriate, demonstrating the impact and presence of heroism.
  9. Authors are encouraged to think outside their own perspective, reflect upon their own research practices and how they interact with other disciplines, as well as how their research relates to communities, and connects with real people, events, histories etc.
  10. One or more images, tables, graphs, media or other visual material relevant to the content of your article (optional). Note: images must be free-use, public domain, or contain the proper legal attribution to its source, available here.
  11. In a separate document, the name of all authors, the title of your manuscript, your institutional affiliation, contact email and address, and a short biography of up to 100 words for each author to accompany your article.

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