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Call for Papers: Heroism Science, Volume 2, 2017

Heroism Science aims to promote global connections in heroism science theory, research and application, and the appreciation of heroism from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, to researchers and the broader community.

Volume 2 – Heroism Science: Possibilities, Controversies and Futures

Call for papers: Deadline, 31 October 2017

Over the past two decades, psychological research on human well-being and resilience has been burgeoning. Scholars have shown a new (or renewed) interest in topics such as morality, cooperation, altruism, wisdom, meaning, purpose, hope, flow, human growth, courage, empathy, spirituality, health, public service, self-control, emotional intelligence, and character strengths. The past decade especially has witnessed a surge in research on two types of exceptional individuals who best exemplify these positive qualities: heroes and heroic leaders.

The inaugural issue of Heroism Science is an open call to researchers, students and practitioners across the humanities, psychology, social sciences and sciences, and especially other emerging fields which combine creative, multiple disciplinary and cutting-edge epistemologies. Some of the questions contributors might wish to consider are:

How can your field(s) of inquiry contribute a unique perspective to the re-conceptualisation and development of innovative frameworks of heroism, heroic leadership and the hero’s journey, and their relevance in 21st century societies?

What are some ethical, philosophical, scientific, cultural, creative and other considerations and controversial aspects to heroism research and the field of heroism science, and how can these be addressed?

What is heroism science, and what are its potential impacts for your discipline and beyond?

Full guidelines for contributing authors are available here. Interested contributors please send a summary of your proposed article to heroismscience@gmail.com.

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